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Chemistry Classes by Dr A K Mishra is a well established coaching institute of city popularly known for producing great results in CBSE, ICSE and UP/State board exams for Class X and XII and competitive entrances like AIPMT, IIT-JEE and UPTU etc. In this way, we are stand alone educational institute of the city.

Chemistry Classes by Dr A K Mishra has been producing great result in terms of relative percentage of students we’ve. For instance we have seen a tremendous improvement in BOARDs results in 2009. In 2013, thirty students scored more than 90% in overall. We were quite happy to see that students in Chemistry Classes have got all their concepts cleared and brushed up with the best faculty in city.

In today’s world, talent is cheaper than table salt,
What separates a talented individual from a successful one is a lot of hard work.

We exercise all kinds of questions. Most of the questions asked in competitive exams were described and discussed thoroughly in class with authentic solutions, so we’ve made a healthy number of selections in Medical as well as Engineering entrance exams.

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"I have learnt a lot at CC, I am indebted and thankful to all staff member for taking exquisite care of me and my studies— taking me from where I was to where I am."

− Vikas Singh

"The environment at Chemistry Classes is very fortifying as well as competitive, study materials were awesome, moreover regularity was the key feature."

− Sakshi Agrahari

"I am very glad at the projects I obtained from your site, several visitors across the globe are feeling great ease especially those from India and middle East."

− Ajay Bansal

"It took a while to realize the importance of coaching campaign provided by Chemistry Classes. I am fully satisfied and feel honored to be with these great guys."

− Illyas Ali

"It is the most proven institute of the area, there's no doubt why people admire it. I have asked several queries and I was replied everytime with utmost attention."

− Sudhir Aggarwal
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